Self Care is an Afternoon Nap

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Yesterday I worked very hard on a Soulful Sunday post, but didn’t like it so decided to scrap it.  Because I had such a frustrating day I thought I’d treat myself to a bacon cheeseburger.  I made some homemade bread, put half a slice of cheese with bacon in the middle of the hamburger, and grilled it perfectly, added fried onions to the bread, another slice of cheese and catsup for a tasty burger.  It was delicious- and gave me the worst heartburn and stomach ache EVER!  I was up all night with horrible stomach cramps and strange dreams because of the stomach pain. Needless to say I didn’t sleep most of the night, but with a PTSD service dog- sleeping in isn’t much of an option.

I woke up early, as usual.  Got a lot of work done for the website I work for and watched some amazing TED Talks that have inspired Work Through it Wednesday’s post.  You all can look forward to an amazing New Year’s Resolution post, I promise.  But today was pretty much a wash.  So… I did the ultimate in self-care.


Because some days the best thing you can do for yourself is go back to bed.  But if you are interested in the TED Talks, here is the link!




One thought on “Self Care is an Afternoon Nap

  1. I agree! Allowing yourself to nap is a way of affirming your love for your authentic self. Its hard to love the world when we are unkind to ourselves. So good for you! Napping is sometimes exactly what we need.

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