Music is Good for my Soul

I had forgotten how much I love classical music.

I’m not an expert by any means on which composer wrote what tune, I mean I know the difference between Beethoven and Vivaldi, but after that I’m at a loss.  I just enjoy listening to it.  Having it on in the background while I’m doing something else is so soothing.  And there are days like today when all I feel like doing is sitting by the fire, with a warm cup of coffee, the dogs at my feet, reading a good book or writing for pleasure, while listening to classical music.

I have a lot of shoulds today… I should be looking for a job.  I should be working on the Homefront United Network editing. I should be cleaning the house.  I should be finishing sewing projects.  I should be photographing items for sale on various sites; ebay, Craigslist and Buy,Sell,Trade.  But all I want to do is sit here and order a couple of Nook books with my gift card, read and relax.

I could run through the list of things I did accomplish this morning; paying the bills, taking down the outside Christmas decor, feeding and walking the dogs, etc.  Those activities could be justification enough for ignoring my “should be’s”.  But Mondays are set aside right now for my self-care, because I have the time.  I have no other pending responsibilities that can’t wait.  And frankly I deserve to take a day off, knowing this opportunity won’t last forever.  I can hear the voices of others in my head, from my mother to my soon-to-be-ex calling me lazy, procrastinator and a financial burden.  But why do I care what they think of me?  I look at this time in my life as part of the healing process.  I won’t have the chance to take a Monday just for myself for much longer.  So why not relish in it while I can?

I think today is a perfect day to let the melodic strains of a Strauss waltz wash over me, as I read a novel that transports me to Vienna during the reformation.  Or maybe a little Bach to build the suspense as I read a murder mystery.  Today my body may be comfortably in front of the fire, lounging in my recliner, but my mind will be elsewhere.  I’m blessed to have the time and resources that allow that to happen.

Today music is good for my soul!



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